Company Formation and Registration Services in Mongolia

A properly registered company is essential for doing business in the up-and-coming market of Mongolia.  Without a locally registered company in Mongolia you will not be able to operate in country as efficiently as those actually located here.  Mongolian bureaucratic regulations can be quite burdensome and it can be difficult getting the relevant agencies to disclose information regarding forming a new company.  The correct initial set up of your company in Mongolia will allow you to begin fully operating without the worries of encountering problems in the future due to improper registration.

ICMC registers the following entities in Mongolia:

  • Limited liability company
  • Joint stock company
  • Non-governmental organization
  • Representative Office

About Our Registration Services

ICMC has formed over 100 companies since we began operating, in sectors ranging from education to the medical fields.  We are particularly excited to be working with mining companies and mining contractors, one of the cornerstone industries of the Mongolian economy.  ICMC staff has the experience and knowledge to properly and efficiently register your company.

We have worked with companies in the following fields:

  • Mining companies and mining contractors
  • Mining support services
  • Financial institutions
  • Multi-national aid agencies and non-governmental organizations
  • Educational institutions

The benefits of having us register your company:

  • Proper and accurate registration
  • More efficient process without major/unnecessary hurdles
  • Effective navigation through the relevant agencies, saving you time and money

The Registration Process

The registration of a newly formed foreign-invested company (a company with at least 25% foreign ownership) in Mongolia takes place at the Legal Entity Registration Office of the State Registration Office (SRO).

We estimate registration to take three to four weeks, once ICMC receives all of the necessary documents.  Once the company stamp has been issued, the company is fully formed and is able to fully operate in Mongolia.

The first step in forming a new company in Mongolia is reserving a name with SRO.  This can be a difficult process; therefore we suggest clients submit a list of four to five alternative names.  Once SRO has granted name approval ICMC will open a US dollar bank account in the company’s name at a reputable local bank (currently there are no international banks operating in Mongolia).  The required capital fund of minimum USD100,000 will be deposited into this account.  The capital fund must remain in the account until registration has been completed.

Company registration begins at the SRO. Once registration completes, SRO will issue certificate that must be renewed annually in order to maintain compliance with the Mongolian Company Law.  After the SRO certificate has been issued a company stamp will be made.  The company stamp is crucial as all official company documents, from banking slips to financial statements, must be stamped with the company stamp.

Special Licenses

If your company will be performing business activities for which special licenses are needed, e.g. minerals mining and exploration, ICMC can assist with obtaining the necessary licenses.

Contact Us for More Information

For additional information about company registration, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  You can also contact us directly at