Human Resources (HR) Consulting Services in Mongolia

Human resources in Mongolia can be a difficult matter for companies when they begin doing business in the Mongolian economy.  Due to the post-Soviet nature of Mongolian Labor Law in particular and the legal system in general, a company’s relationship with its employees in Mongolia is often quite different than what you may be used to.  Human resources consulting is a young field in Mongolia; there was little need for HR when lifetime employment was the norm.  Having the proper employment agreements and company policy manuals in place from the beginning will strengthen your relationship with your employees and will help eliminate problems that may arise in the future.

ICMC has produced employment agreements, contracts, company policy manuals and other HR documents to help your company better comply with the Mongolian Labor Law and HR practices.  ICMC has the benefit of working closely with a Mongolian law firm, thus ensuring all of our HR documents are fully compliant with Mongolian legislation.  Our labor agreements and policy manual have been vetted by attorneys to make certain they conform to Mongolian law.  ICMC is regularly updated on changes in legislation that may affect HR procedures and modifies our agreements, contracts and policies accordingly.

ICMC provides template employment agreements, contracts and policy manuals to your company, in both English and Mongolian languages, allowing you to focus on growing your business and not on administrative matters.  ICMC will work with your management team in order to tailor the labor agreements or policy manual to better meet your company’s specific needs.

ICMC is also available for additional HR consulting that may not be specifically listed.  For further details on HR consulting, please contact us at