Mongolian Translation Services (English, Russian, & Mongolian)

Do you or your company have sensitive or confidential documents for translation?  Translation bureaus abound in Ulaanbaatar, but can you truly trust them to give you an accurate translation?  Are they qualified and will they truly safeguard your documents?  An incorrect translation can prove disastrous, especially in regards to contracts, legal matters, or dealing with the government.

The correct translation of your documents can mean the difference between cinching the deal or walking away empty-handed.  Let ICMC provide you with the high-quality job your company needs to make the deal.  We provide dependable, efficient and confidential service, so you can rest easy when documents are sent to us for translation.

Our Translation Services

Our combination of quality and efficiency ensure you will receive an excellent translation when you need it.  ICMC also works closely with an international law firm which can review legal document translation, at the client’s request.

We provide the following translation services:

•    English to Mongolian translations (written & verbal)
•    Mongolian to English translations (written & verbal)

•    Chinese to Mongolian translations (written & verbal)
•    Mongolian to Chinese translations (written & verbal)

•    Russian to Mongolian translations (written & verbal)
•    Mongolian to Russian translations (written & verbal)

Please note that we base our written translations on 1800 characters per page, excluding spaces.  This is approximately 380-420 words per page.

Verbal Translation

Meeting with a client but don’t speak the language?  ICMC’s verbal translation can be provided both in our offices as well as off-site.  If your meeting is taking place elsewhere ICMC’s translator can come to you.  ICMC can also provide a court-approved translator when official translation is necessary.  Our translators can provide both general and technical translation in Mongolian, Chinese, English, or Russian.

Our Translators

ICMC’s translators are highly proficient in both general and technical written translation, particularly in the legal or medical fields.  Our translators have translated documents for international NGOs, multi-national mining companies, and local Mongolian companies.

We have been providing high quality translators in Mongolia since 2006.  ICMC’s translators have attended the Mongolian National University’s School of Foreign Service, worked for the Mongolian government and have many years of translating experience in both the private and non-profit sectors.  Our translators are highly dependable and are proficient in both written and verbal translation.

About the Mongolian Language

Mongolian is a Mongolic language, a family of languages that includes smaller, regional languages that are usually spoken in Chinese provinces.  It is considered by some scholars to be a part of the Turkic-Altaic language family that includes Turkic, Japanese and Korean languages.   Mongolian has nearly 6 million total speakers, the majority of whom reside outside of Mongolia proper.  In the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China the residents there continue to use the traditional Mongolian script that is written vertically.  After experiments with both the Latin script and reintroducing the traditional script in Mongolian during the 1990s, the Cyrillic alphabet remains in use after being imposed by the Soviet Union during the 1930s.  The majority of Mongolians speak the Khalkha dialect, with several different dialects scattered throughout the region, especially in southern Siberia and Inner Mongolia.  The current alphabet in use is virtually the same as the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, apart from a few letters.

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