Secretarial Services and Registered Agent Services in Mongolia

For companies operating in a new jurisdiction the burdens of administrative regulations can be overwhelming and take up valuable time better spent elsewhere.  Learning the ins and outs of legal, financial and administrative compliance with the Mongolian bureaucracy can waste resources better used to learn the local business environment.  Allowing certificates or licenses to expire can result in large fines or possibly revocation, a potentially disastrous result for a compay.  ICMC can provide your company with Secretarial Services in order to free you of the burdens of ensuring legal compliance with the Mongolian authorities so you can concentrate on what is important – growing your business.

ICMC will maintain your company’s registration certificates in order to continue your company’s proper legal status in Mongolia, allowing your company to focus on serving your customers.  ICMC will keep your company’s certificates and company stamp on-site and ensure their safe-keeping.  We also provide Tenement Management of your mining licenses, storing them in a secure location and ensuring the proper annual extensions are made.

Additionally ICMC will organize and attend Board of Director’s or Shareholder’s meetings and prepare the meeting minutes as required by law.   ICMC will prepare all meeting notices, resolutions and other documents related to the company’s BOD or shareholder’s meetings in order to ensure compliance with the Mongolian Company Law.

ICMC will also act as your company’s liaison with local government agencies.  ICMC will inform the relevant company official of any issues that may arise with Mongolian agencies in order that we may resolve the issue in a timely manner.  ICMC staff has regular contact with government officials and have a vast amount of experience working with Mongolian agencies.

If your company does not yet have a permanent presence in Ulaanbaatar, ICMC will act as your registered agent.  ICMC’s address will act as your company’s registered office and we will receive any service of process inform your company representative of any relevant legislative changes that may affect your business.

The staff of ICMC consists of Mongolian and foreign employees who are able to meet the demands of international and Mongolian companies operating in any sector of the economy.  ICMC has a client base ranging from international mining companies and international aid agencies to education providers and local Mongolian companies.  Let ICMC use its experience to serve your company so you can focus on what really matters.

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